Akashic Records

your Akashic Record

Consider you are offered the wealth of rare knowledge along your life’s journey. If you had insight now revealing the mysteries hidden from your conscious mind – what a difference it might make!  If you have been guided to explore your Akashic record, you have been guided to integrate crucial knowledge gained from your many lives, with the potential of accelerating deep understanding and truly integrated awareness. What a valuable gift to realize the inspirations, callings, and wisdoms experienced through your ages, are available here and now to actualize in your present life’s time. Wait no longer … let this journey begin.

Akashic Readings Reveal

Soul and Life Purposes, unveiling the messages and mysteries behind events.
A deeper understanding of love experiences, and current, as well as future, relationship work.
Accessing your available Inner Growth Path, and understanding your unique Spiritual Work for soul progress.
Guidance toward recognizing significant personal gifts and talents, and eliminating blockage to their access and manifestation.

The Akashic Journey as it Continues

In truth, it is a journey toward revealing, understanding, and utilizing the gifts of these Akashic Records. We are only able to interpret and assimilate so much at a time. It has been my experience that my clients often need to digest the information from each reading, to incarnate guidance gained into daily life … to experience revealed wisdom and to grow ever more curious. Those on this journey of deep self-realization often find a rhythm emerges … we then return to our work together over time, consulting, resolving issues as they arise, peeling back layers to reveal more insight. Even deeper mysteries are unveiled as inner awareness expands to allow more space to incorporate new and relevant life information.