AbouT Lisa

My Story

I began my path of self-discovery in my teens as I was a difficult teenager and I needed to find a different approach to life.  In my late teens I attended numerous workshops as well as a week at Esalan.  Various synchronistic events guided me to start performing breathwork.  In my early twenties, I began leading seminars, yearlong programs, and coaching to guide people to strengthen their path of understanding themselves.  It was then that I began to recognize my gifts of deep insight and purity of information.  These gifts regularly surprised my clients but were natural for me.

I have lived an active life as an entrepreneur, mother, healer, wife, and friend. I have journeyed through marriage, divorce and am married again. I have raised three beautiful children, witnessed their lives unfold as they have grown, married, and born children. I have experienced my share of health and personal life challenges. I have suffered and rejoiced, struggled and succeeded.

Through these experiences I have continued my own personal growth, implementing self-reflecting skills to deepen understanding of myself and others.  I have found myself ever surrendering into greater and greater capacities of love toward my fellow person.   It has also helped me to relate generously and with compassion and deep appreciation for those of all walks of life.

This is my background and foundation for my work with the Akashic Records and Clairvoyant Coaching. My connections into the Akasha strengthen and grow each day, enhancing all my Clairvoyant abilities.  When reading the Akashic records and working within the Akasha, the burdens of old traumas and wounds are alleviated, helping clients live a clearer less burdened life.  It also helps clients develop a better understanding of themselves. This has provided comfort to many people. 

My life’s mission is to use these gifts to develop profound changes within each client so that they may be further on their path of self-realization and spiritual transformation.   It is a magnificent journey, and I am utterly grateful to be a partner on it with my clients, traveling this brilliant road of discovery. This work resonates very strongly within me. I have become very passionate about human potential through internal healing and personal growth.  I am very excited to witness and be a part of the healing movement.

Many blessings,